Theft of a vehicle

Theft of a vehicle

In case your vehicle is stolen, you must:

  • Report the theft to the police or the Carabinieri, stating the vehicle's number plate in the report. If the ownership certificate (CdP) and/or the registration certificate have been stolen, this should also be mentioned.
  • Apply to the provincial office of ACI - Public Register of Motor Vehicles (PRA) for registration of loss of possession.  With this request the obligation of paying the motor vehicle tax (bollo auto) will be suspended.  The PRA will issue a new ownership certificate.

Documents required

  • Ownership certificate (CdP) or additional sheet ("foglio complementare") (if these have been stolen this must be mentioned in the report).
  • Application form (on the back of the CdP or NP3B form, available at ACI-PRA Offices as well as on the website
  • Original theft report, or a true copy thereof, or a replacement declaration stating that the report has been made.

Stamp duty:  Euro 32.00 (if you use the application form on the back of the CdP) or
Euro 48.00 (if you use the NP3B form). 

Please Note
We recommend giving timeous notice of the theft to your insurance company.  Normally the insurance company asks for the theft report, the new CdP issued by the PRA - indicating "possession lost" and the vehicle keys, including any spares.  If the insurance company asks for the "estratto cronologico" of the vehicle (certificate showing all technical and ownership data - PRA fee: Euro 25.00), you can request it at the same time as requesting the loss of possession.